It’s bink!

There is a trend for developers of a certain age to create a new personal blog every few years, and of course, this one will be the "last" one and will be kept up regularly forever.

I plotted this trend with a sample size of one, basically, so maybe nobody else does this, but I think they do.

I do have an OK following on Medium, and Dev.to does OK, but it's not a great long term strategy to let outside platforms "own" your posts. Not that they own the content, although maybe they do sometimes? They might change the rules suddenly, or start pushing their pay model, or whatever. I'd rather pay a little bit and not get too many surprises.

The plan here is kind of a mix of tech, Kotlin focused mostly, sometimes not. Occasionally completely unrelated content. Sometimes just nice pics. Like these! What goes here vs what goes on the Touchlab blog will probably be a source of ongoing discussions behind the scenes, but to Touchlab folks wondering while reading this, think of this page as the brain dump, and from that we can make more coherent "content".

Natalie and Bink!
Kevin Galligan

Kevin Galligan